Heluz joined BMWi

Heluz joined BMWi

Last year, the Czech brick manufacturer Heluz introduced the acoustic brick, the calibrated HELUZ AKU KOMPAKT 21.

The BMWi company joined the “Space instead of noise” campaign with its BMW i3 electric car..
Thanks to Heluz and BMW, the wider public can become acquainted with innovative materials and technologies that have a future in the construction and automotive industries. 


The campaign will also include a contest, lectures and events for the public, where the BMW i3 electric car will be presented to the participants.

The goal is to raise awareness of the advantages of the HELUZ AKU KOMPAKT 21 acoustic brick, which, thanks to its unique construction, saves space while ensuring sound up to 57 dB is impeded. Unlike other bricks, this brick is narrower and features a special core for noise absorption. Silence, comfort and economy also link it and the BMW i3 electric car.
It is the symbol of a new era of mobility that aims for sustainability, providing maximum comfort and great service.

The HELUZ spokeswoman, Andrea Stejskalová, said: “While it may be surprising at first glance, the BMW i3 and the composite HELUZ AKU KOMPAKT 21 offer the same benefits, each in their own industry: less noise and more space, while respecting environmental sustainability and consideration for their surroundings.”

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