The history of the Křižíkova Living and Design Center

To make your home unique and for you to feel happy, comfortable and safe there, it is important that the first thoughts of its realization are created in a unique and inspirational place. A place where you will feel comfortable, and, at the same time, that can offer you creative space for the best possible ideas! This is a fact we were well aware of when selecting the place in which the younger sister of the Kaštanová Center of Living and Design in Brno should be located.
Therefore, the Křižíkova Living and Design Center is not only in the special location of Prague´s Karlín, but also in a space unique for its rich history. The building in which the Křižíkova Living and Design Center is partly located was built between 1928 and 1930 under the supervision of the architects Ernst Mühlstein and Victor Fürth. But the old building´s legacy can still be sensed today! During the renovation of the center, the railings and lattice windows were preserved, and in some places, even the original bricks, which stand out in contrast with the modern furnishings. The Center was opened in October 2015 after more than two years of renovations. A further significant expansion is to take place in October 2018, and another expansion is planned for December 2020, when the Center will be accessible through a passage from Křižíkova Street.
Centrum Křižíkova historie

The Center Location

In 1928, renowned Jewish architects decided to implement their ideas on the FORD office building on a street that was booming at that time! Královská street, the main street of Karlín, today known as Sokolovská street, was at that time not only the main link between Prague´s New Town and Vysočany, but also became the flagship of Křižík´s electric tram track. Křižík became a very important figure for all of Karlín – hence, the neighboring parallel street is named after him. It is the Křižíkova Center that will soon connect Sokolská and Křižíkova streets via its arcade, where the Center´s other showrooms are located. This was one of the main reasons the originally named Sokolovská Center was renamed the Křižíkova Center. Not only will it be possible to visit us from Křižíkova street in the future, but if you are already planning to visit us by Prague public transportation today, you do not have to remember anything more than the name Křižíkova! You can take the tram or subway B to the Křižíkova stop and we are only a short distance from there, about 150 meters. You can also use the underground parking here.
Karlín, the district in which we are located, also has a rich history. It was named after the wife of Emperor Franz I, Karolína Augusta, and has been an inseparable part of Prague since 1817. The building we reside in is one of the oldest buildings in this area, but you can also be inspired by the gems of Karlín, such as the Negrelli Viaduct or the Invalidovna.
The history of the place is great impulse for creative solutions and ideas you may want to implement in your home. Křižíkova combines both history and modern solutions, along with new developments and trends in housing. All this can be sensed in the Křižíkova Living and Design Center, and it is here you can make decisions about solutions for your home.