Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is currently one of the most widespread floor coverings used in both apartment, as well as family homes.

The main advantages of this type of covering are primarily low cost, quick and fast assembly, abrasion and load resistance, easy maintenance, color stability and hygiene.

Laminate floors successfully imitate wood floors, but the maintenance required is not as complicated, and nor are they as costly. Nowadays, there are many different looks available. In the past, laminate was sold only in imitation wood, but today, you can find parquets that look like tile, stone or other interesting variations.

The problem with laminate flooring that should be mentioned is its low resistance to moisture. On the other hand, what should be said is that laminate flooring production and technology is constantly moving forward, which also means improvement in water resistance.

The Egger Design+, for example, a very popular recent breakthrough line, should be mentioned for its thermostatic polyurethane layer and double protection against moisture. As a result, minor spills will not cause immediate swelling or blackening of the parquet.

The aesthetic aspect of this series is also very good, with a choice of 15 different variations of slate or wood, with trim available for each type, of course.