Construction Casing

Construction Casing

The leader in framework of construction casing for the Porte Karpi company is the Eclisse brand, which appeared on this market in 1989, when it was founded by Luigi De Faver.

He spent quite a fortune starting the business of this ambitious project for a new and quality product: the Eclisse construction casing saw the light of the world.

Later on, the range of this brand was expanded to include another ten thousand solutions that fit various construction situations. At present, about 1,300 casings per day are produced.

There are ten subsidiaries around the world, including the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, the story of the company dates back to 2006.

Belonging in the company’s main portfolio are:

  • Provision of technical consultations;
  • Organization of professional training;
  • Communication with designers and architects;
  • Presentation of Eclisse products in public places.

Customers have the opportunity to test the sliding systems themselves.

Porte Karpi pouzdra
Porte Karpi pouzdra

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